At Brookefield hospital, we have state of the art facilities, equipment and technologies to take care of all your healthcare needs:  

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Brookefield Hospital has a dedicated center for Physiotherapy Care  

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Brookefield Hospital has a specialised & dedicated center for Physiotherapy Care & Education that takes a complete holistic view in detecting and managing  

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Brookefield Hospital is committed to doing more than just providing medical care. We aim at providing exceptional & accessible health care at optimal costs to every patient with the same dignity and respect.  

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Physiotherapy Care. Brookefield Hospital has a dedicated center for Physiotherapy Care. Some of the facilities include: Short wave diathermy (SWD). Inferential therapy (IFT). USG. Physical Therapy. Manual Therapy. Sports Medicine. Rehabilitation in Bangalore. Dry needling. Physiotherapy package. Back rehab package. Knee rehab package. Neck & Shoulder Rehab package. Sports package. Diabetic Rehab & Prevention package. Ligament injury Pre & Post Rehab package. Fracture Rehab package. Posture correction package. Performance Enhancement (Golf, Running, cricket, football,). Gait Analysis and shoe  

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Brookefield Hospital has a dedicated center for Physiotherapy Care. Some of the facilities include: Short wave diathermy (SWD), Inferential therapy (IFT), USG, Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation in Bangalore, Dry needling, Physiotherapy package Back rehab package, Knee rehab package, Neck & Shoulder Rehab package,Sports package, Diabetic Rehab & Prevention package,Ligament injury Pre & Post Rehab package, Fracture Rehab package,Posture correction package,Performance Enhancement (Golf, Running, cricket, football,), Gait Analysis and shoe / ortho prescriptio  

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Great Infrastructure

Brookefield, a unit of Sanjeevini Health Care, is a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital with state-of-the-art equipments, world class infrastructure and highly qualified specialist doctors

Qualified Doctors

It should be our first choice to cunsult with a Qualified and Experienced Doctor and our all doctors are experienced and highly qualified

Emergency Support

Brookefield Hospital is at your service 24/7. Our ambulance services, emergency care and doctors are available round the clock. We also have certain procedures like dialysis available 24/7

We are Friendly & Professional

Our vision is to deliver quality and compassionate health care. We promise nothing but a memorable medical experience for our valued customers in all departments of health care.

Happy Patients

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What our patients said

  • img patients

    We are happy with your concern. We like the way you treated. The facility provided were good with a proper treatment. Thank you very much for your kind check up. Thanks for all the colleagues (Brooke field hospital).

  • Pediatric Health Check

    Service was good, doctors are very patience to listen to patient. Nurses were very helpful. Thanks to Dr. Pradeep

  • Comprehensive Health Check

    I am very happy with the treatment & Sisters also taking care very well. I am very satisfied with their treatment, I hope I will get well soon

  • Cardiac health check

    Treatment has given to me was nice. How the doctors has been treated me was good. It was nice treatment by the nurses. They had treated me in good manner. So, nice it was treatment given to me.

  • cardiothoracic & vascular surgery

    I never seen this kind of hospitality. Service is very well. . Keep it up. Thank you.

  • maternity hospital

    We are very happy that we had a fine reception and good treatment of the doctors as well as the staff members, especially the services given by the nursing staff who attended to the patient’s needs was happy very much in the recovery process by their timely service and helpful talk at every crucial point. They have done as their duty but useful service for which we are very thankful. My son Srinivas also tells me that the treatment and service by doctors and staff were superb and praise worthy. We are thankful for all those and we also appreciate the kindly approach and response of the Dr Director Sri Pradeep Kumar and the associate doctors, as an attendant of the patient, I also experienced the good services of the nursing staff Leela, Vidya and Sita.

  • center for Diabetes Care

    Excellent hospital facilities well behaved staffs, this is the first time I had been hospitalized in my 25 years. I had a nice experience in the hospital. Doctors are visiting frequently that is a good thing. I would like to thank all the staff member.

  • endocrinology care

    Good facilities with very good care for patients. Very prompt treatment and first aid give with good sanitation. Overall quite satisfied with the treatment and procedure followed in taking good care of the patients.

  • Best Cardiologists

    I found very nice facilities and very helpful staff in the hospital. AC- Section delivery patient can stay here without a lady attendant. That is the very nice thing that l never experienced in any other hospital such a nice nursing staff that Dr. Pradeep Kumar has. Dr Sandhya Rani is very helping and friendly doctor. Good treatment .we are totally satisfied.

  • Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery

    Your treatment is so good, and your sisters and brothers are treated so well. I appreciate and your facilities are so well.


Letter from our MD

We are committed to provide patient centered high quality service in an effective and efficient manner, with passion and compassion in a friendly, stimulating and professional environment....

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24/7 Services

In addition to 24/7 emergency care, we offer 24/7 Dialysis, Dental surgery and Diagnostic Services..